• Consume adequate amount of vitamins and nutrients
  • Avoid rubbing the eye skin frequently because they are particularly fragile.
  • Wear sunglasses with good UV protection if you are working outdoors (traffic warden, taxi drivers, police, etc). Cataracts are caused in part by damage from excessive exposure to sunlight. The free radicals produced by sunlight’s ultraviolet rays cause the proteins in the eye’s lens to deteriorate, clump together and hardened into cataract.
  • Apply make-ups with gentle pats. Most make up cause allergy to the eye when in contact.
  • Be careful with steroids and photosynthesizing drugs. Do not take drugs unnecessarily. Take drugs when prescribed by doctors.
  • Try to prevent stress. Stress not only affects the brain, it affects receptors in the eye.
  • Manage chronic diseases like asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes, elevated cholesterol, heart conditions, very well. These conditions could cause damages to the eyes.
  • Decrease alcohol, coffee (caffeine) and cigarette (nicotine) consumption. These affect the eyes adversely.
  • Use eye exercises to keep your eyes feeling comfortable always. (contact Supreme Vision Ltd. for details on eye aerobics)
  • Treat allergies as early as possible using supplements and appropriate eye drops.
  • Call your eye doctor, even at night, or on weekend, if you notice any symptoms of an eye emergency. Take urgent step if you notice the following in your eye:

        +   red eyes

        +   sudden cloudy vision or wavy vision

        +   flashes of light or a curtain descending over the vision

        +   cobwebs or veil in the vision

        +   double vision

        +   Sudden vision loss

  • Protect your eyes from injury. Factory worker should wear polycarbonate eyeglasses.
  • Avoid ballistic toys and guns (children especially)
  • Protect your eyes from heat when taking a sauna.
  • Develop regular sleeping patterns. Sleep helps heal the eye.
  • If you are wearing eyeglasses, make sure they are working properly. Update your glasses once a year.
  • Go for eye check ups at least once in a year.


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