1. Always consume Bilberries. The purple pigments called anthocyanosides, found in bilberry- related species help strengthen the purple area of vision that control adaptation from light to dark and the eyes response to glare. Bilberry is found in the grape family like, blueberry, cranberry and purple grape.
  2. Eat foods rich in Vitamin A. Vitamin A is a major ingredient require for night vision. Deficiency of it could lead to night blindness. Vitamin A is found in spinach and other dark leafy green carrots, sweet potatoes, apricot and cantaloupe. You can also take vitamin A or betacarotene as supplement.
  3. Consume yellow fruits and oranges. Most of the yellow fruits contain carotene known as lutein. Lutein is also vital to day vision.
  4. Take  Red Wine instead of beer or ordinary alcohols. Red wine is good for your night vision.
  5. Having an antireflective put on your glasses can help reduce glare at night and sharpen night vision.
  6. Always read under well illuminated environment


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